Dave Harrigan is our ZEN DJ from Budapest, Hungary.He's well known from his mixes on Mixcloud and is a specialist in Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge and Deep House music.... Read More
Youri is the founder and "Big Chief" of Zen.In other words : He's the ZEN MASTER !!Running the radiostation on a daily basis.Making most of the mixes you hear on Café Zen... Read More
Lara Potthoff was introduced to electronic music at an early age and began creating mix tapes of her own playlists. She spent time on the island of Formentera in Ibiza and... Read More
Full name = Guido van der Meulen, Location = Netherlands.My love for Lounge Music started during a vacation on the island of Bali.At that time, my life was very... Read More
Cham'o is an Antwerp based producer and DJ who discovered his passion for lounge music after listening to Sven Van Hees’ album Tsunami. Since then he has been compiling and mixing... Read More
Raphael is a big name in lo-fi music for many years.'A Frenchman' in Berlin, Germany. "Monsieur Chill-Out"Released several quality albums, found on his website, abstrait.deHe... Read More
Michael Maretimo is well known from the mix sessions on his YouTube channel and on Spotify.He is the owner of the German Maretimo Records (Manifold Music), specialized in... Read More
Sambox is a French sound designer and owner of Concorde Avenue Records.You can find his music on several compilation albums, like 'Café Solaire 24', released in 2016.Listen to his... Read More
LL Dj aka Sticky Fingers aka Stijn Schollaert has been your ZenFm host on wednesdays from 10 tot 12 PM for a couple of years now. He started out as a hip hop dj but has now... Read More
Maxim Lany is one of the great Belgian DJ’s, but has long since moved past the Belgian borders. Staying true to his roots, Maxim is still living and working in his beloved city of... Read More